Micro Grow Greenhouse Accessories

Micro Grow can supply all of your greenhouse needs for equipment switching. From our heavy-duty line of vent and shade motors and controls, to our custom equipment switching cabinets, to a full alarm system, we have the complete line. Also available is an industrial rated stand alone alarm system that will constantly monitor your greenhouse environment and call pre-selected telephone numbers with a recorded message in the event of occurrences such as extreme temperatures, or a power outage. You will find the same commitment to quality and reliability throughout the entire Micro Grow line of products.

Vent / Shade Controls

Heavy duty motor reversing switching, overload protection, and a complete lighted status panel for all power and limit operations, add up to the best choice available for a vent or shade motor control box. These units are available for all makes and models, all voltages, and all wiring configurations of any motor and gearbox combination. These controls are enclosed in a non-metallic enclosure, with a full weatherproof gasket. A front panel mounted selector switch allows manual or automatic operation. Built to UL and CSA specifications, listed and labeled.

  • All motor makes and models
  • UL and CSA listed
  • Lighted status indicators for all power and limits
  • Internal motor overload protection

Vent / Shade Motors and Gearboxes

At Micro Grow, we always have the right motor and gearbox available for your application. We carry several makes and models in stock at all times. From a small single vent or roll up curtain, to a large extra heavy-duty shade system, we can deliver the exact solution for your particular installation requirement.

  • UL and CSA listed
  • Internal limit switches
  • Heavy-duty construction

Automated Alarm and Dialer

Protect your valuable investment with a Micro Grow Automated Alarm System. This system constantly monitors the high and low temperature in your greenhouse ranges, in addition to power outage. Calls five seperate phone numbers. Add on zones as you need them.

  • Completely stand alone system
  • Dials over regular phone lines
  • Battery backed, industrial rated alarm system

Custom Built Equipment Switching Cabinets

Direct connect your exhaust fans, HAF fans, pumps, heaters, vent and shade controls, and virtually any greenhouse equipment to any Micro Grow control product. Includes all load contractors and relays required for a complete and full installation. Also includes a complete sensor connection diagram designed specifically for your project. All switching apparatus is enclosed in a NEMA 12 non-metallic enclosure with a full gasket.

  • Custom built for your own project
  • UL and CSA listed panel
  • Complete custom drawings included

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